Werewolf Wanderings, Part 4

Greetings from Toronto Pearson International.

When I last signed off, I was on a train back to Toronto. Not all that much happened last night, so this is probably going to be a fairly short update. Still, I said I was going to try and update this travelogue every day, so let’s see what we can do.

Union-Pearson Express

If you’re in downtown Toronto and you need to get to the airport (or vice versa), the quickest (and probably cheapest) way is the UP Express train from Union Station. A one-way adult fare is currently $12.45, there’s only two stops between Union and the airport and it usually makes the complete trip in just 25 minutes.

Apart from the loudest screaming toddler I’ve ever heard and three teenagers behind me who only realised once we got in sight of the airport that they were on completely the wrong train, my ride to the airport was uneventful. I hope they got home alright.

This time I waited for the Hilton airport shuttle, and saved myself $20 CAD.

Hilton Toronto Airport

They gave me a double-double.

Renovation works continue at the Hilton Toronto Airport, which is fair, because I didn’t expect them to be done in the three days since I last stayed there. I got given a double queen room instead of a single this time for some reason, and this one was on the ground floor. Layout of the double queen rooms is slightly different to the single queens on higher floors, and allow me to assure you that the thin net curtains do not do a goddamn thing to stop people from looking into your room during the evening.

I was originally meant to meet up with a friend of mine from western Toronto for dinner, but he got caught up with after-hours work, so when my other friend Ronnie came by with my second suitcase which he’d very kindly been taking care of while I was in Kingston, he also quickly drome me to a nearby Lone Star Grill and back so I could pick up some takeaway quesadillas.

Quesadillas are an anomaly to me. Every single place I’ve ever bought them from has served me something completely different. Sometimes it’s like a taco, sometimes it’s like a burrito, sometimes it’s like an enchilda, sometimes it’s even like a samosa. The only unifying factor is the presence of cheese. I’ve never had a bad quesadilla, but I’ve also never had the same thing served to me twice, either.

The airport Hilton’s rooms are comfortable enough, but my room was very close to both the elevators and the parking lot, so I didn’t get all that much sleep. As recompense, however, the staff gave me a breakfast voucher that covered the cost of my meal, which saved a few dollars. Always mention problems you’ve had with a chain hotel to the management: they’re usually willing to do you a favour as an apology.

Coffee at the Hilton is always free, though.


So after a tiny amount of confusion on how to check oversize luggage with Air Canada, I managed to get both my checked bags onto my flight. I’m now currently waiting to board my flight onwards to the next leg of my journey. See you all soon!

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