The Sex Offender Registry Doesn’t Work

Full disclosure: most of the content of this blog post is not mine. Almost all of it was researched, written and compiled by CarcinLoring at their own personal time and expense. It was, however, presented in a series of ten long Twitter threads, which are not the most easily readable form of presentation, so with Carcin’s permission, I’ve decided to gather it in one easily-accessible place with in-line citations for quick reference.

Carcin, incidentally, is a steadfast activist for the rights of incarcerated people, particularly LGBTQ folk. I would heavily recommend you follow them on Twitter.

Let’s dive in.

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Mental Illness Is Not What You Think It Is

I think the most dangerous and potentially harmful inaccuracy of society’s portrayal of mental illness is that it implies that mentally ill people act “randomly” or do things “for no reason.”

There’s this idea, and I see it everywhere, that sanity is binary – you’re either sane, or you’re insane, and the switch can just flip one day and suddenly you’re claiming to be the King of Hungary.

That’s not how mental illness works.

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