Werewolf Wanderings, Part 1

Hi there. Been a while.

Last year, I wrote down some of my travel experiences way after the fact, and never really got around to finishing my account of the wild ride I took across the eastern quarter of North America. I think it’s probably a better idea to write down my travel experiences as they occur.

So, let’s get down to business: starting the day in London Gatwick, and ending up at Toronto Pride twelve hours later.

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The NA Tour #2: D’oh, Canada

So when I last left off my story, it was Monday 25th June, I had reached Canada two and a half days late due to the calamitous Canadian airline WestJet. I was at my friend Ronnie’s house in the Toronto suburbs, attempting to book tickets on VIA Rail to travel to Kingston the following day, where my aunt was waiting to see me for all one day of the remaining time I had to visit her.

The power had just gone out.

Ronnie suggested that I might have picked up a curse somewhere. I began to consider the possibility.

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